My Story

I set up ‘Y Bwrdd’ (‘The Table’) supper club evenings in September 2018, mainly due to drunken evening of saying I would, and not wanting to be someone who goes back on her word. I’m an actress by day, an actress that’s completely obsessed with cooking and eating, who always took cookbooks to set, watched Saturday Kitchen from the dressing rooms, and gave absolutely no consideration to the corset restrictions that would be inflicted upon me after lunch. Acting is the best thing ever, but it’s at the mercy of other people giving you the chance to do it. Putting on Supper Clubs was something equally as thrilling and ten times as terrifying, that I could do whenever I wanted to, whenever I was out of work. It has now morphed into a wildly different thing, thanks to covid, which has meant that I am now consistently out of work! It’s been a total miracle that my cooking has been able to sustain me throughout this, I’m very lucky.

So I hope you find something you’d like to try! Follow my Instagram for up to date info and a stream of photos of what I'm cooking and packaging up from day to day.